Hanley Family Weight Room

The Cardinal weight room was renovated in 2016 and its machines are constantly being improved.  The facility serves all varsity squads as well as the campus population.  It features free weights as well as power lifting stations.  The department has a full-time strength coach to assist with and develop workouts.


Only current CUA faculty, staff and students are permitted to use the weight room.  You
must present your Cardinal Card upon arrival, with the exception of organized varsity team
practices, in which a team coach must be present.
Appropriate athletic apparel must be worn. Shirt and closed toe shoes required.
NO STREET CLOTHES (i.e. sandals, open-toe shoes, hard soled shoes, or jeans). Cleats are
also strictly prohibited in the weight room. Anything that compromises the safety and
professionalism of the weight and athletic facilities is prohibited.
Use this equipment at your own risk.  Spotters are recommended for any free weight
exercise performed over the head, face, neck, or chest.
Patrons should use extreme caution in lifting weights to avoid potential injuries to
themselves or other. Do not attempt to use equipment if unfamiliar with the proper use.
Please ask the Fitness Assistant for assistance.
All equipment must be used in the manner for which it was designed. Do not attempt to
modify the equipment.
No outside personal training is permitted in the facility.
Return all equipment to its original location when you are finished.
This includes: body bars, weights, dumbbells, stability balls, jump ropes, bands/chords,
steps/risers, and medicine balls.
Please do not drop or slam weights and please report any broken equipment to staff
member on duty.
No food, alcohol, tobacco of any kind, glass bottles, or cans allowed. If you wish to
carry a beverage with you, it must be in a plastic container with a lid/cap.
Respect yourself, your teammates, and the strength and conditioning staff at all times; Foul
Language and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
Please wipe down all equipment after use.
No portable speakers should be brought into the weight room or music listened to without
the use of headphones.  Music is controlled at desk; requests can be made, but are at the
discretion of staff.
M-F, 9-9PM.  All other lifts will need to be coordinated with a Coach.  Doors will be locked
during non-hours.
The Catholic University of America, is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
In the event of emergency, contact the Department of Public Safety by calling, 202-319-
The policies of the Hanley weight and athletic facilities have been developed to keep the
facility and equipment in good condition and to assure your safety while using the facilities.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Athletics Department
@ 202-319- 5286.
Use of the Hanley Weight Room and athletic facilities fitness is a privilege. Failure to
comply with policies and directions of the staff governing participation, equipment and/or
conduct may result in suspension from the Hanley Weight Room and athletic facilities
and/or its programs.