Mission Statement

Mission Statement
  • To provide high-quality health care to all student-athletes in a professional, courteous and caring manner.
  • To prevent injury through education and appropriate preventative programs.
  • To quickly recognize injuries, treat and or refer to appropriate medical professionals in order for an expedient and safe return to sport to occur.
  • To provide the most efficient, proven and affordable treatment and rehabilitation plans to all athletes when injured or for preventative measures.

The athletic training staff is composed of four certified athletic trainers. Their responsibilities include covering practice and competition as well as traveling with the team as deemed appropriate. Specifically, the athletic trainers are responsible for evaluating athletic injuries, administering first aid and injury care, making medical referrals, and establishing treatments and rehabilitation protocols.

The staff also spends a significant amount of time in the education of student-athletes with respect to injury prevention, nutrition and psychological support in dealing with injuries.